#QUALIFIED: You Are More Impressive Than You Realize

“Do what you love.” But how is this possible? We’re drowning in doubt, struggling with fear, and overwhelmed by the 40-bullet-point job description. Creating a career that you love isn’t easy, but it’s 100% achievable. In #QUALIFIED, Amanda Nachman breaks down a step-by-step career strategy that professors aren’t teaching.
How does she know what’s up? As the publisher of College Magazine, Amanda has coached more than 1,000 students, helping them follow their passion to careers at NBC, USA Today, Vox, Washingtonian, National Geographic, and more. She’s also a keynote speaker and host of the Find Your Passion Career podcast.

Take out your phone, open the camera, aim it and you’ll be #QUALIFIED!

Few words about Amanda

As the CEO of College Magazine, the trusted guide to college, reaching 9 million readers, Amanda Nachman empowers young professionals to achieve success in college and a career they love. She’s developed a career strategy over the last eleven years having coached thousands of college students. It’s the same strategy that helped her to quit her boring day job and launch her dream magazine. Nachman also hosts the podcast Find Your Passion Career found on iTunes and Spotify. Amanda lives in San Diego, CA.

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Reviews of the #QUALIFIED

“Amanda wants us to love what we do and make a greater impact in the world. I can already sense the ripple effect of her book.”
Hal Elrod

Bestselling author of The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation

Step-by-step, Amanda leads you on a journey to your passion career. She empowers you through personal stories and practical, clear advice to make courageous connections that will change your life!”
Dr. Sarah B. Steinberg

Former Executive Vice Provost, Johns Hopkins University

Amanda connects. Amanda is able to break through intimidating long titles and job descriptions with tangible steps and strategy that are within reach. I look forward to the day where my daughter doesn’t need to decode her career path, but until then college students are fortunate to have this book to help them.”
David Stollman


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